Legal Consultancy

Legal Services

In today’s life everyone need to stay legally fit and avoiding to break the law. Many times, clients’ find themselves victims of legal breach by situation or without knowledge or require specific legal documentation without knowing trusted professionals to help them in their matters. We provide the following services to our esteemed clients:

Contracts & Agreements
We offer a series of contract and agreement documentation/generation per the subject need as provided in the law.

Employment Protection
For improper employee treatment, remuneration needs and other matters of labour, our legal team is ready to protect your business/company.

Legal Consultancy
We specialize in the following fields of law: Labour Law, Tax Law, Commercial/Corporate Law, Land Law, Insurance Law, Environment Law, Mining Law and Banking Law.

Business Registration
Owning a business or company is an entrepreneur’s desire. We offer timely registration of businesses and companies at affordable rates with relevant State Agencies.

Travel and Permits Documentation
We offer real time travel and permit support documentation through relevant statutory age.