Human Resource Services


The Company is committed helping you to discover better ways to improve business performance through our unique step framework for your business growth.

Increasingly, clients are turning to Business Process Outsourcing to standardize, streamline and manage customer-facing, front-office operations or deliver a combination of both through an end-to-end service solution and assisting business to manage their capital requirements according to Tanzania and international Labour Laws and human resource practice principles.

Recruitment & Placement

The company helps our clients in identifying resources compatible with their organizational growth. In addition to our experience, you will benefit from our existing network as well as from our extensive market and industry.


Learning and Development

The Company houses a Learning & Development Centre. In present times, corporate training is seen as an essential catalyst that not only enables the corporate to understand the psychology of their employees but also brings about changes in their behavior and attitude. We design training to help solve your business problems and your people's challenges. We also ensure the training programs support your company's strategic goals.

Our training, seminars, career coaching and development strategies to our delegation help them have equal opportunity in becoming best of their professions. We also cover soft skills, executive coaching and management trainings.

Our training process involves the following: -

  • Needs Analysis
  • Structural Design
  • Validation
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

Payroll Management

We assist our clients by simplifying their work environment by helping them outsource their non-core function-Payroll Management to us. Whether you're a Start-up company, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) or Corporate Company, time is an issue.

Payroll Management guarantee to save time by reducing the hours spent producing payroll information and preparing payroll registers, quarterly, and year to date payroll reports. Payroll Management can help you avoid penalties Irrespective of the size of your organization weather small, mid-size or large, time management is crucial.

Payroll Management normally includes activities in two major competencies as listed below:

  • Payroll Accounting
  • Payroll Administration

Payroll Accounting consists of calculating the earnings of your employees and related withholdings for taxes and other deductions as well as recording the transactions of payroll activities and reporting them to the taxation regulatory authority (TRA).

Payroll Administration handles the managerial aspects of maintaining a payroll. These are separate from the accounting aspect of payroll. Payroll administration covers managing employee personnel and payroll information and compliance with legislation and local employment laws.

The advantage of outsourcing your Payroll Management to us is that it allows you to maximize time that would otherwise be spent on preparing year to date payroll tables, mid-year and annual payroll Reports.

QuickBiz Consultants Co. Ltd will take care of your monthly contributions as well as the submission of your organization’s P9 and P10 summaries to TRA. Since no two businesses are alike, QuickBiz Consultants Company Limited is able to customize this service according to individual’s organizational requirements. Our service can help your company avoid penalties and miscalculations because it is our core competency you can rest assured that we are always on point.

You’re Vision, Our Process Equals Profits. That is our guarantee to you.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions

What is BPO?

As a BPO we will be responsible for the the operations and responsibilities of your Business Functions (or processes) such as HR Consultancy, Payroll Solutions, Selecting & Placement, Customer Service, Accounting, Call Centre, Data Collection, Research or Survey, Sales & Marketing and much more as your service provider. We believe  most Businesses are turning to Business Process Outsourcing, We will be your Solution for standardization, streamlining and managing, we will be facing your customers, your front-office operations or deliver a combination of both through an end-to-end service solution.

We offer this as the most appropriate alternative as it is compliant with Tanzania Labor Laws due to the Outsourcing of labor. This facility allows you to focus on your core activities while we take care of other departments and Services. We receive your mandate and targets and provide the manpower, project management and solution to achieve your business targets and objectives.